Binary Metal is proud to announce the release of the Digital Theater Professional Beta program.

Digital Theater Pro is an infinitely expandable and fully interactive automation and control interface - the most advanced program of its kind to date.

Unlike traditional high-end control systems costing over $10,000 which only allow you control your off-the-shelf theater hardware, Digital Theater can interact directly with your theater hardware and computers- making Digital Theater the first solution to allow direct control over Home Theater Personal Computers (HTPCs).

Digital Theater's power is derived from its open architecture plug-in system. Plug-ins can be created by us, third parties, and yourself that allow it to control any controllable electronic device in existence. This means that with the appropriate plug-ins installed, you will be able to control anything from your home theater, to your stereo system to your coffee maker! Since Digital Theater's plug-ins are capable of building off each other, its power is expanded exponentially with the installation of each new control add-on.

Also unlike traditional control systems, Digital Theater allows the installation of specialized interactive subprograms that enhance your automation experience by offering you in-depth control over many mediums. Interactive DVD catalogs and futuristic looking X10 automation programs are prime examples of these sub programs that run under Digital Theater.

Robust client/server network support, which is not necessary to use many of Digital Theater's features, allows you to control all of your devices while roaming around with a wireless computer.

Users of HTPCs can take advantage of Digital Theater's multi-control concept to replace the boring Windows' Desktop with on-screen images and, at your discretion, on-screen controls, as well. The on-screen controls allow you to navigate simplified interfaces with just your keypad or remote control unit!

You can order your copy of Digital Theater Pro Beta today at a special discounted rate and be one of the first to receive this revolutionary new program. All beta customers will also receive a free upgrade to the final release version of Digital Theater Pro when the beta program is completed.